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Offshore Windfarms & Marine Renewables

Alpha Marine and previously Island Shipping has built up a considerable portfolio of experience since 2004, having supplied crewboat, workboat, survey, support, remedial, maintenance and consultancy services on Offshore Windafarms since 2004.   

The Company's extensive offshore windfarm portfolio includes:

SSE Renewables, Greater Gabbard OWF, North Sea
Statoil & Statkraft, Sheringham Shoal OWF, North Sea
Centrica, Lincs OWF, North Sea
EDF Energy, Teeside OWF, North Sea
GE Wind Energy, Arklow Bank OWF, Irish Sea
Fred Olsen Renewables, Codling Windpark, Irish Sea
Oriel Wind, Oriel Windpark, Irish Sea
Saorgus Energy, Dublin Array, Irish Sea
Rampion Offshore Windfarm, English Channel

Offshore Windfarm & Ocean Energy Support Services

Vessel Charter - Personnel Transfer, Windfarm Support, Tugs, Workboats and Multicats, Guard Vessels.
Towage - Barge Handling, Anchor Handling.
Survey - Environmental, Hydrographic & Multibeam, Geophysical, Underwater, Cable.
Buoyage - Navigation and Metocean buoy supply, deployment and maintenance.
Underwater Maintenance & Repair - Cable burial & protection, Diving, Monopile Cleaning & Repair, Scour Control,  Wreck Removal and Debris Clearance.
Topside Repair, Maintenance and Inspection - Fully GWO certified and experienced Working at Height Personnel.

Consultancy - Client Representation & Consultancy, Desktop Studies.

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